In this phase, players will focus primarily on individual skill development with an emphasis on the fundamental skills of ice hockey. In their training sessions, players will also gain valuable hockey sense through small area games as well as physical development through off ice training sessions.

In the youth development phase players will continue to primarily focus on individual skill development through small area station based skill training. Players begin to increase off ice training as well as begin to learn the concepts of various team systems and styles of play. At this level players learn a lot about how to train for hockey as they continue to develop.

In this phase of development, players ramp up their training both off and on the ice. Players continue to develop their individual skills with skill based practices as well as increase their hockey sense with more small area games and "chalk talk" sessions. Each player develops their own strength, speed, and agility through a high energy off ice training regimen. Our athletes continue to develop team play abilities by getting experienced with various styles and variations of play throughout the season.


It is in this phase that we begin to look at each player individually as to what is their best options going forward with their continued ice hockey training and development.

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